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Community Service is fundamental to the Vukelic Family. Try-It advances education about responsible consumption of alcohol. For many years the company has spearheaded awareness programs in area schools and participated in media campaigns that carry the message of moderation.

A major supporter of organizations and charities, Try-It's management and staff serve on numerous community boards and committees. Try-It is committed to its role of a good corporate citizen. Events that add to the enjoyment of life in the Buffalo Niagara region such as the Taste of Buffalo and Canalside Concert Series are among those sponsored by Try-It.

Its corporate motto: Trust, Team and Tradition is put into action every day.

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We use only the finest ingredients from across the globe to create a constant variety of exceptional, full-flavored handcrafted beers.

To be the antithesis of typical mass-produced beer by providing our customers with a product that is unique, satisfying and memorable.

To be a respected and collegial member of the community and to educate the public about craft beer.

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Certain locations around the world hold within them an unspoken power. They’re where wars were fought, fortunes lost – and found – and where legacies are made.

And, these places happen to be connected by a common thread. Unseen to the naked eye, yet felt in its magnetic persuasion. It is the 42nd Parallel. Crossing Russia, Italy, France, and Spain. And Great American cities like Boston, Detroit, and Buffalo. It’s the border of California and Oregon, New York and Pennsylvania, and, in many instances, countries including the United States and Canada.

And when it comes to beer, the 42nd parallel is unparalleled as well. Some of the world's best hops grow along it, and in the late 1800’s and early 1900's, it's where New York State hops grew bountiful and full-bodied. This tradition – and the legacy of arguably the most important parallel on earth – have found a new home, and a new future, here: at 42 North.

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Big Ditch Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery located in downtown Buffalo, NY. We are dedicated to providing quality, delicious, innovative and drinkable craft beers to Western New York and beyond.

Flying Bison Brewing Company

Flying Bison Brewing Company is a packaging brewery located in the city of Buffalo, and the first stand alone brewery to operate in the city proper since Iroquois Brewing closed its doors in 1972.

An award-winning brewer with over 30 years experience, owner Tim Herzog made a strong commitment from the inception of this company as merely an idea to establish Flying Bison Brewing Company in the City of Buffalo and foster the return of what was once a flourishing industry. It's this commitment that has carried the way for the brewery to become what it is today.

Please enjoy all Flying Bison beers responsibly.


Resurgence Brewing Co.

Resurgence Brewing Co. (RBC) believes that enjoying a well-crafted brew is an experience along.  However, it's an experience best shared with friends, both new and old.  Our goal is to deliver memorable beer moments to the beer drinkers of the Greater Buffalo Region, whether they're at home, in their favorite bar, or on a tour of the brewery.

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